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Hour 21. Exchanging Project Data with Ot... > File Formats Supported by Microsoft ...

File Formats Supported by Microsoft Project 98

You can import and export entire projects or selected sets of project data with the File, Open and File, Save As menu commands. These commands allow you to read and write the project data in formats other than Project's native MPP format. Some of the formats Project supports are beyond the scope of this book or are less used these days. File formats supported by Project are listed here; their file extensions are given in parentheses:

  • Project Database (*.mpd)

    This format uses the Microsoft Access 97 (version 8.0) data file format, although it has a proprietary extension (MPD). This format is replacing the MPX 4.0 format as the standard data exchange format for Microsoft Project.

  • MPX 4.0 (*.mpx)

    You must save a Microsoft Project 98 document in this format if you want it to be opened in Microsoft Project version 4 or 4.1.

  • Microsoft Access 8.0 Database (*.mdb)

    You can save all or part of the project data in the Access 8.0 format. Any application that recognizes this format can open and edit the file or query it for reports.

  • Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xls)

    Use this format to exchange task, resource, or assignment information with Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Project can import from the Excel 8.0 format, but it only exports to the Excel 5.0/7.0 format. You can also link field entries in Project with cell values in Excel.

  • Microsoft Excel PivotTable (*.xls)

    This special format is used in Excel 5.0/7.0 for its PivotTable. Although you can export individual fields of Project data to a PivotTable, you cannot import an Excel PivotTable into Microsoft Project.

  • Hypertext Markup Language (*.htm)

    This is the HTML format used by Web browser programs. You can export Project field data to the HTML format, but you cannot import HTML files into Microsoft Project.



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