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Hour 12. Editing Resource Assignments > Assigning Overtime Work - Pg. 192

Editing Resource Assignments Caution 192 If you assign a contour to a Fixed Duration task, the task duration cannot change. Therefore, wheile applying the contour reduces work in some periods, the total work for the task is reduced, instead of the duration being extended. Tip If you want to restore the assignment contour to the default pattern, or if you have edited the assignment and want to restore the original assignment, choose the predefined contour named "Flat." Assigning Overtime Work You can reduce the duration for a task by allowing some of a resource's work to be scheduled as overtime work. The total work to be done on the assignment remains the same, but the amount of work scheduled during regular working hours is reduced. Project calculates cost for overtime work by applying the resource's overtime rate. Overtime Work --Work scheduled to take place outside the working hours of the resource calendar is called overtime work. Understanding How Overtime Affects the Schedule When you assign a resource to a task for the duration of the task, Project schedules work for the resource only during the regular working times (those times defined in the resource calendar). If you assign overtime work, you are telling Project that part of the task will be completed outside the regular working times (for example, in evenings or on weekends) and that Project doesn't have to use regular hours to schedule that part of the work.