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Preface > Acknowledgments


I'd like to first thank Ben Goodger, The Mozilla Foundation, and the other amazing developers and workers who envisioned and have contributed to Firefox, one of the finest open source projects of all time, and certainly the best web browser ever.

This book couldn't have been written without the help and support of the following:

  • My agent Laura, who never gave up on me through a lot of craziness.

  • My editor Brian Jepson, who has been helpful in a thousand different ways.

  • My mother Betty Sue and my stepfather Ray, who let me stay at their home in tiny Arrow Rock, Missouri, where I could write in peace.

  • David Hartley, who let me use his wireless connection and his phone at his office in Marshall, Missouri.

  • Washington University in St. Louis, home of Windows XP machines and super-fast Net connections.

  • The fine folks at Kayak's and the St. Louis Bread Company, where a lot of this book was written. If you're looking for great coffee and free WiFi in St. Louis, go there!

  • Jerry Bryan, for his invaluable help editing and correcting my writing (especially the "you've got" problem).

  • Ben Jones, who looked over several chapters and asked lots of good questions.

  • Jans Carton, my Mac guru, for answering questions about Mac OS X browsers and providing the Mac screenshots.

  • Craig Buchek, for his detailed technical review.

  • My patient wife Denise, for her understanding, support, and editing help.

  • And finally, our cute lil' shih-tzu Libby, who was always available to make me laugh.

This book was written on an IBM ThinkPad running Libranet Linux. I had to use Microsoft Word, but it ran beautifully under Codeweavers' CrossOver Office. See http://www.libranet.com and http://www.codeweavers.com for more info.

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