Thanks to OpenOffice.org, there is an alternative to Microsoft Word. If you've ever been frustrated by Word's quirks and limitations--including its price tag--and longed for a practical alternative, then it's time to break free. OpenOffice.org is the free, open source office suite and its word processor, Writer, has proven extremely popular with both Windows and Linux users. How good can it be if it's free? you might ask. And how much trouble will it be to install and learn? A quick tour of the program will show you: the features you use regularly--from formatting and spell check to using templates and creating indexes --are all there. And Writer's intuitive, surprisingly familiar interface lets you navigate with ease. To quickly master the ins and outs of Writer, you'll want a copy of OpenOffice.org Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word. This handy reference is packed with essential information to help you learn the basics of Writer and become adept with its advanced features. Written for intermediate and advanced users of word processing programs, OpenOffice.org Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word provides guidance for common and advanced word processing tasks. With this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Set up OOoWriter to work your way

  • Write, edit, and review documents

  • Control page layout

  • Use templates and styles effectively

  • Get the most from using fields

  • Work with Tables of contents, indexes, bibliographies

  • Manage large or complex documents

  • Insert, edit and create graphics

  • Make a smooth transition from Microsoft Word

OpenOffice.org Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word provides guidance for anyone who wants to break out of the Word rut. Its detailed Table of Contents make it a handy reference for even the most experienced word processing users who want to get up to speed quickly with this program, or make sure they're taking full advantage of OOo Writer's features. With the complete office suite included on a CD (which you can install on as many machines as you like), this book makes using Writer an easy decision. OpenOffice.org Writer: The Free Alternative to Microsoft Word is part of the O'Reilly Community Press Series. Unlike classic O'Reilly animal books, O'Reilly's role in the series is limited to providing manufacturing and distribution services rather than editorial development, so that each Community Press title reflects the editorial voice and organization of the community that has created it.

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