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Chapter 8. Word Meets Web > Saving Web Pages

8.6. Saving Web Pages

If you started your Web page from a Web-page template or a blank Web page, as described at the beginning of this section, all you have to do to save it is press

-S or choose File Save or Save As. You can also save a standard Word document or template as a Web page, like this:

  1. Choose File Save as Web Page.

    The Save dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 8-10.

    Figure 8-10. Lower left: When you choose File Save as Web Page, a Save dialog box opens, all set to save the document in HTML format. When you post the resulting files and folders online, be sure to preserve their folder structure on your Web server. For example, don't dump your HTML file into the folder containing your graphics. Create a matching folder online to hold the graphics.
    Upper right: The Web Options dialog box is the same one that opens if you click Web Options on the Word Preferences General tab.

  2. Click one of the radio buttons depending on how you'd like to save the file.

    The Save entire file into HTML option creates a dual-purpose document. It stores the information both for display on the Web and for returning to it as a Word document. Such word processor–only elements as headers and footers, comments, page numbers, and page breaks will reappear when you open it again in Word.

    Save only display information into HTML saves only the document attributes that work in a Web browser. Other information, such as page and section breaks, columns, and headers and footers will be lost. This option makes a smaller, more compact HTML file, which is a good thing if your Web service provider charges based upon how much server space you use.


    If you choose this option, use Save As first to save a copy with all the normal Word elements intact; you may decide to use the document in Word again.

  3. Click Save.

    Word takes longer than usual to save the document. When it's finished, you can switch to Online Layout view (if you weren't already there) to see the Web page as it will appear online.



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