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Chapter 10. Calendar, Tasks, and the Pro... > Accessing Projects from Other Office...

10.8. Accessing Projects from Other Office Programs

Entourage is the place to set up your projects, but it's not the only Office program that can access and modify projects. You can view your projects from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well. Here are the ways:

  • Project Gallery. You can access projects from the Project Gallery (which opens when you launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). Click the Project tab, select your project and click Open. You can also double-click any of the project files displayed in the Projects Gallery, or select the file and then click Open. If the Project Gallery isn't visible, choose File Project Gallery.

    Figure 10-25. You can also open the Project Center from the other programs in Office 2004. To do so just click Tools Project Palette, or, if the Toolbox is open, click the briefcase button at its upper right. This panel provides a capsule view of the items in your project that you're most likely to need at your fingertips, like today's schedule, currently due tasks, and recent email messages. (For more detail, see page 667.) The Projects Palette can show only one project at a time; choose from the pop-up menu at the top to choose among them. Here, the project is called "Falklands."
    Clicking the Go to Project Center button at the bottom of the Projects Palette opens the main Project Center window shown in Figure 10-21.

  • Tools menu. Choosing Tools Projects Palette in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint opens Projects pane of the Toolbox (page 663). Click the arrow next to the currently displayed project to view a pop-up menu with a list of all your projects. Click on the project that you wish to display.

  • Toolbox. Click the red toolbox icon on the Standard Toolbar in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to open the Toolbox, then click the briefcase icon to display the Projects Palette (Figure 10-25). You can get a quick overview from this panel, or for full detail click the Go to Project Center button at the panel's bottom.



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