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7.5. AutoSummarize

Imagine this scenario: Five minutes to get to the professor's office, and you suddenly remember that she wanted you to include an abstract (a summary) at the beginning of your thesis. Or this one: You proudly plunk your report on your boss's desk and he says, "I'm not reading all this. Give me the 15-minute version." Word's AutoSummarize feature comes to the rescue in situations just like these.

Using a Template as a Startup Item

Word automatically unloads any global templates you load (other than the Normal template) when you quit Word. When you open Word again, the Normal template is, by default, the only global template loaded.

If you want to make the AutoText entries, macros, and other attributes of another global template available all the time, you can pursue one of these two avenues:

  • Copy them into the Normal template using the Organizer, as described on page 230.

  • Turn the additional global template into a startup item.

To do the latter, navigate to the template on your Mac's hard drive; it's probably in the Microsoft Office 2004 Templates folder. Click the template's document icon to select it and choose File Duplicate. Drag the copied file to the Microsoft Office 2004 Office Startup Word folder (to make it available to everyone who uses your Mac), or to your Home Documents Microsoft User Data folder if you want this template to pertain only to your account.

From now on, this startup template is automatically loaded to every Word document you open. In other words, this global template is not automatically unloaded when you quit Word.



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