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Chapter 5. Program Excel with .NET >  Work with .NET - Pg. 149

CHAPTER 5 Program Excel with .NET Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is Microsoft's next generation of the Basic language. The name change marks another milestone in the evolution of Basic: BASICA, QuickBasic, Visual Basic (VBA), and VB.NET each mark distinct changes in underlying technology. This latest change marks the graduation from the Windows Common Object Model (COM) in VBA to the .NET Framework in VB.NET. The .NET Framework solves a lot of the shortcomings in COM--it has a more complete security model; provides a well-organized library of objects for working with HTTP, XML, SOAP, encryption, and other things; is fundamentally object-oriented; protects against memory leaks and corruption; promotes self-describing code--gosh, I'm start- ing to sound like a commercial--in short, .NET is the future for programming Win-