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The Missing Credits > Acknowledgments


My thanks go to David Pogue for giving me the chance to become a published author—twice! I owe a great debt of gratitude to Ted and Kathy Spargo, the world's greatest parents. For helping me get my facts straight, I'd also like to thank Karen Sung, Microsoft's Erik Ryan, and Wolfgang Bauer (especially for that thing about the German Spelling Rules). Finally, thanks to Ben for letting me use his computer.

Nan Barber

My contribution to this book would not have been possible without the folks who hang out with my son, Tristan, when I am busy. Thanks to Chris and Elaine for sleepovers, to Chris for covering sick days, and to Renee who runs an awesome day care. Thanks also to Adam for encouragement and technical support. A final thanks goes to David Pogue and my fellow authors for being fun to work with.

Tonya Engst

I'd like to thank my wife Susan for her enthusiasm, support, and general good nature while I wrote this; my son, Jacob, for serving as the inspiration for a lot of the stuff that matters; my parents, without whom there'd be quite a paradox; my mother-in-law Judy for her encouragement and interest; my co-authors for working so hard to create a great book; and David Pogue for another shot at computer geek glory.

David Reynolds

The Missing Manual series is a joint venture between Pogue Press (the dream team introduced on these pages) and O'Reilly & Associates (a dream publishing partner). I'm indebted, as always, to Tim O'Reilly, Mark Brokering, Cathy Record, and the rest of the gang.

I'm also grateful to proofreaders Jennifer Barber, Chuck Brandstater, Stephanie English, and Danny Marcus; to Erik Ryan and Kevin Browne of the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit; the cheerful and gifted indexing team of Johnna and Tom Dinse; and to David Rogelberg for believing in the idea. And above all, thanks to Jennifer, Kelly, and Tia, who make these books—and everything else—possible.

David Pogue

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