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18.1. Inserting a Graphic

You can drag, paste, or insert a picture into a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. To insert a graphic, choose Insert→Picture (or click the Insert Picture button on the Drawing toolbar) and then choose one of the following from the submenu:

  • Clip Art opens the Office Clip Gallery, as described below.

  • From File opens a dialog box where you can choose any graphics file on your Mac.

  • Horizontal Line (Word only) is a quick way to put a horizontal line between paragraphs without opening the Borders and Shading dialog box. These lines are actually GIF files. They're more decorative than standard lines and borders, and ideal for use on Web sites (see Chapter 7).

  • AutoShapes are an expanded, elaborate version of the familiar circles and squares that you create with drawing tools. For instance, AutoShapes include arrows, cubes, banners, and talking balloons (see Section 18.3).

  • Organization Chart opens Microsoft Organization Chart, a specialized mini-program that creates corporate charts showing how executives, managers, and assistants relate to one another (see Section 18.8).

  • WordArt allows you to change the look of text in a number of wacky, attention-getting ways. After typing the text, you can stretch, color, and distort it, using Office's drawing tools (Section 18.3).

  • From Scanner or Camera lets you import directly from one of these devices connected to your Mac—sometimes. Its success depends on your model of digital camera or scanner.

  • Chart (Word only) creates a chart from any Excel file on your Mac. (Of course, you can use Excel charts in PowerPoint, too. But in PowerPoint, the command is right on the Insert menu, not on the Picture submenu. See Chapter 13 for details on charts.)

  • Microsoft Word Table (PowerPoint only) opens a dialog box to start building a spreadsheet-like table (see Section



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