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Chapter 9. Entourage Calendar and Tasks > Recording Events - Pg. 377

top in Figure 9-3. Unlike the other views, List view isn't available via the toolbar, but you can choose it from the Calendar menu or by Control-clicking anywhere in the detail calendar area and choosing List from the resulting contextual menu. Figure 9-2: When you drag the cursor across a set of dates in the overview calendar, the main calendar shows nothing but those days. You can select as many as six weeks' worth using this method (compare with Figure 9-1). Just drag from the first date to the last date you want to see--you can even drag across months. Boldface numbers in the overview calendar indicate dates on which you have something scheduled. The Calendar You can also determine which days show up in the detail calendar by selecting them in the overview calendar at the lower left of the Entourage main window. For ex- ample, to make the calendar show nothing but an important three-day stretch, sim- ply drag the cursor across those three calendar squares in the mini calendar at lower left (Figure 9-3). Tip: Entourage provides a quick way to access the current day's date--choose CalendarGo to Today, or press c-T. If you're in month view, the command displays the current month with today's date selected; otherwise, Go to Today displays information for only the current date, regardless of the view you were using. Recording Events Most of Entourage's calendar is pretty intuitive. After all, with the exception of one unfortunate Gregorian incident, we've been using calendars successfully for centu- ries. chapter 9: entourage calendar and tasks 377