Address Book · Layout. The Layout button opens the Print Layout window, in which you can specify how contacts are sorted, whether first names or last names are printed first, whether cut lines and punch holes are printed, and what other bits of con- tact information are printed (such as company name and personal information). · Form. If you use a Franklin Covey or Day Runner paper planner, you can choose a template from this pop-up menu, corresponding to the most popular precut paper types that are available at office-supply stores. You can also use the Add form, Edit form, and Delete form buttons to create and delete your own paper designs. The Note Pad The oft-ignored Notes section is a great place for storing random thoughts and odd things that you want to write down. You can attach a note to any other Entourage element, making them ideal for tasks like these: · Typing in the driving directions to an event you've added to your calendar. · Adding a record of a follow-up phone call you had with a given contact to an email message.