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Duplicating Buttons

There are two ways to create multiples of the same button in Acrobat. One method is to copy and paste the button; the other is to generate duplicates automatically using the Create Multiple Copies command. For Amanda’s project, either method will work—let’s use the simpler method, which is a shortcut method to copy and paste an object using shortcut keys.

If you have worked with illustration or image-editing programs, you may have experimented with creating copies of objects using shortcut keys and dragging a new copy from the original on the file.

Follow these steps to duplicate buttons by dragging copies from the original button:

Click the Button tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar to select it; and then click the button on the document.

Press Ctrl /Command and drag the mouse away from the original button to create a second copy of the button. You’ll note it has the same name as the original; it also has the same characteristics, including the hotspot button’s fleur-de-lis image.

Repeat until you have the number of buttons required (in this case, six).

Double-click a button copy to open the Button Properties dialog.

Select the General tab and rename the button. The second button created in the project is named b_cuisine.

Click Close to dismiss the dialog and complete the button.

Rename the rest of the buttons; in the project the buttons are named b_history, b_music, b_mystery, and b_shop.

That’s the first set of buttons complete! Now Amanda will work on the other buttons for her map.

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