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Chapter 4. Viewing PDF Documents > Viewing Wireframes

Viewing Wireframes

Adobe PDF documents are widely used by engineering and architectural firms for sharing files and archiving documents. Because it supports creation of files at sizes up to 200 by 200 inches, PDF is ideal for displaying large architectural and scientific drawings. The problem with zooming out on large drawings to view an entire page, however, is that the lines in the drawings disappear.

Adobe Reader solves this problem by providing you with a view that keeps all line weights at 1-point size regardless of the zoom level. When you select the Wireframe view, all lines are shown at 1-point weight.

For viewing files in Wireframe view, it's best to use a line drawing. If you don't have a drawing available, use the housePlan.pdf file from the files hosted at www.peachpit.com/adobereader7.

To view documents in Wireframe view:

Open a PDF file of a diagram or drawing. To best see the results of the Wireframe view, use an oversized document at least 36 inches square.

Zoom out on the document so you can see the entire drawing in the Document pane. In Figure 4.16 the zoom level is set to 7% for a 48-inch square document.

Figure 4.16. Open a drawing and zoom out to see the entire page in the Document pane.

Notice the line weights in the drawing. To display the lines at 1-point size, select View > Wireframe. The line weights appear larger, as shown in Figure 4.17.

Figure 4.17. In Wireframe view all lines expand to 1-point size.

How can I determine the size of my PDF pages?

When you view pages in the Document pane at Fit Page view, you don't see an immediate reference for the page dimensions as you could in earlier versions of Acrobat and Adobe Reader. In Adobe Reader 7, move the cursor to the lower-left corner of the Document pane. When the cursor is within 2 inches of the lower-left corner, a pop-up display shows you the page dimensions, as shown in Figure 4.18.

Figure 4.18. Move the cursor to the lower-left corner to view the page dimensions in a pop-up display.

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