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Files available for downloading

Files available for downloading

ChapterFile(s) used
4housePlan.pdf[*]; oahuBrochure.pdf; officePlan.pdf; hawaiianLuau.pdf
5culinaryMaster.pdf; hawaiiNewsletter.pdf[*]; oahuBrochure.pdf; recipeRequest.pdf
10acrobatTips.pdf; hawaiiNewsletter.pdf[*]
11draftLayout.pdf[*]; housePlan.pdf[*]
12customStamp.pdf; draftlayout.pdf[*]; eSupport.pdf[*]
13draftLayout.pdf[*]; eSupport.pdf[*]
16eSupportForm.pdf; www.adobe.com.pdf
17JohnSmith.fdf[**]; eCertify.pdf; REeSupportForm.pdf[***]
19f1040.pdf[****] (obtained from U.S. IRS Web site); hawaiiNewsletter.pdf[*]; eSupportForm.pdf[*]

[*] * Files are enabled with commenting usage rights using Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional.

[**] File is a public certificate. Notice the filename extension is .fdf (Form Data Format). This file is not a PDF document; rather, it is used for authenticating digital signatures and decrypting files secured using a trusted identity.

[***] File is enabled with all possible usage rights from the Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions +Server. Courtesy of Adobe Systems, Inc.

[****] Use of this form is made possible through the courtesy of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Open http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html in your Web browser. Click the link for Forms and Instructions to open a Web page where forms are listed in a scrollable window. Scroll the list and locate 2004 Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Select the file in the list, and click Review Selected Files. The PDF opens in your Web browser window. You can save the file from your Web browser to your hard drive and open it directly in Adobe Reader.


Web sites change periodically. If the URL listed here for acquiring tax forms is no longer usable, go to the main Web site at http://www.irs.gov and check the Web pages for links to forms. You may have to do a little searching, but eventually you should be able to locate a current tax form to use in the exercises in Chapter 19, “Working with PDF Forms.”



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