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Chapter Seven. Enhancing PDF Accessibili... > TIP 60: Reporting on and Repairing a...

TIP 60: Reporting on and Repairing a Document

In addition to tagging your document, you can have Acrobat perform a complete assessment of a document and generate a report with repair hints. Use these advanced evaluation methods if you are preparing documents that must comply with government or other regulatory accessibility standards.

Where, Oh Where, Have My Reports Gone?

If you are working with a lot of accessibility testing, here are some tips to make the job easier to manage:

  • Define a folder location for storing the information, such as a separate folder within a larger job folder.

  • Whenever you complete a pass-through of a document, such as adding <alt text> for images, save the files with unique identifiers such as numbers or dates. This way you can find the applicable accessibility report more quickly.

  • Print the reports to keep a paper copy if you are a paper-inclined person; if you chose the Create comments in document option you can also print the comments identified in the report along with the pages of the document.

  • Open the report in a Web browser if you prefer to read it at full-screen size.

  • If you work with accessibility reports occasionally and can't remember where the reports are, choose Advanced > Accessibility > Full Check to open the Accessibility Full Check dialog and check the storage location; click Cancel to close the dialog.



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