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Chapter FOUR. Creating PDF Files in Acro... > TIP 38: Using Attachments in Earlier...

TIP 38: Using Attachments in Earlier Versions of Acrobat

Using attachments is all well and good if you are working in Acrobat 7, but what if your users are working with Acrobat 5 or 6? Fear not, you can still use attachments—you just don't have the fancy pane to work with.

Please Read Attachments

When you attach files to a PDF, an attachment icon is shown at the bottom left of the Document pane in Acrobat 7. Your intended audience may not have the Acrobat-savvy to understand what the icon means, or even notice it is there! Instead of leaving it to chance, you can change the way the program opens to display attachments.

Click the Options pull-down menu on the Attachments pane and choose Show Attachments by default. Save the file. When it is opened, the document displays in the Document pane and the attachments are automatically displayed at the bottom of the program window in Acrobat 7.

You have to set the option in the Document Properties if you want to notify readers using Acrobat 5 or 6 that there are attachments included with the document.

Whether you choose the page open display from the Attachments pane or the Document Properties, the result is the same. That is, changing the setting in one location automatically changes it in the other location as well.

In Acrobat 7, choose File > Document Properties > Initial view and select Attachments Panel and Page from the Show pull-down list. Click OK to close the Document Properties and save the document.

When a user opens the document in Acrobat 5 or Acrobat 6, the information dialog shown in Figure 38a appears. Click OK to close the dialog. Choose Document > File Attachments to open the File Attachments dialog (Figure 38b). The attachments are listed according to their locations. Those attached as document file attachments are listed first; documents attached using the Attach a File as a Comment tool are listed by page number.

Figure 38a. If you specify displaying Attachments in the Document Properties, users can access the attachments in earlier versions of Acrobat.

Figure 38b. The attachments are listed in the File Attachments dialog in Acrobat versions 5 and 6.

Click the name of a file in the dialog to view details. To manage the attachments, use the buttons at the bottom of the dialog—Open, Import, Export, and Delete.

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