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Chapter FOUR. Creating PDF Files in Acrobat > TIP 37: Managing Attached Files

TIP 37: Managing Attached Files

Regardless of whether you attach a document from PDFMaker or embed it within Acrobat using the Attach File as a Comment tool, the attachment is identified by a paperclip icon at the bottom left of the program window.

Locating Attachments

For files that you attached before converting them to PDF or those you added through the Attachments pane, the Location in document column lists the location as Attachments tab; if you add an attachment in Acrobat using the Attach File as Comment tool, the page number is listed. If you attach a file using the Comment tool (chosen from the File toolbar or the Comments toolbar), the page number is listed. )

Click the Attachments tab in the Navigation panel at the left of the program to display the pane horizontally below the Document pane (Figure 37a). If the Attachments pane's tab isn't shown, choose View > Navigation Tabs > Attachments.

Figure 37a. Attached files are displayed and managed in the Attachments pane.

The pane shows basic information, including the name, description, size, and date modified. Click the filename and right-click or Control-click to open the shortcut menu, also shown when you click Options on the Attachment pane's toolbar (Figure 37b).

Figure 37b. Use the commands oricons to manage the attached files.

Choose a command from the menu for managing the attachment, right-click or Control-click to display a shortcut menu, or use the corresponding icon on the Attachment pane's toolbar. For example, click Open to open the attached file in its native program, or choose Open Attachment from the Options or shortcut menus.

You can add descriptive labels to any of the listings in the pane. Select the listing, and choose Edit Description to open the Edit Attachment Description dialog shown in Figure 37c. Type a description, and click OK to close the dialog and add the information to the Description column of the attachment.

Figure 37c. Add a description to the attached document's information to make it simpler for your users to decide which attachments to view.

Showing Button Labels

The icons on the Acrobat toolbars can show both the icon and a label. To keep track of the dozens of Acrobat tools, especially when you are new to the program, set the labels to display with the icons. Right-click or Control-click the toolbar area at the top of the program window (don't click on a toolbar or a tool) to open a shortcut menu. Choose Show Button Labels > All Labels.

To open the attached file, double-click a listing in the Attachments pane, click Open on the pane's toolbar, or choose the command from the Options menu. If the attachment is a PDF document it opens automatically. If it is another file format, you see a warning dialog that describes the hazards of opening documents that may contain macros, viruses, and so on. Click Open to proceed, or click Do Not Open to stop the process and close the dialog.

You can save a file independently from the PDF document to which it is attached. Click Save on the Attachment pane's toolbar or select the Save command from the Options menu. In the Save Attachment dialog, choose the storage location for the file and name it if necessary (it uses the name shown in the Attachments pane) and click Save; the dialog closes.

You can add another attachment to the document itself by clicking the Attach File icon on the File toolbar or click Add on the Attachments pane's toolbar or select Add from the menu. The Add Attachment dialog opens; locate the file you want to attach and click Attach. The dialog closes and the file is listed in the Attachments pane. In the Location in document column, the new file's location is listed as Attachments tab.

Click Delete to delete an attachment, or click Search to open the Search pane and search the contents of the attached files.

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