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Chapter FOUR. Creating PDF Files in Acro... > TIP 32: Creating a PDF from Multiple...

TIP 32: Creating a PDF from Multiple Files in Acrobat

Use the Create PDF File from Multiple Documents window in Acrobat 7 to quickly assemble documents and files (PDF and otherwise) in a collection called a binder before building the file. It's a true timesaver!

Document Source Programs

When you're converting the content to a consolidated document, Acrobat opens the source programs for all non-Acrobat files in the list. So, you can't add a non-Acrobat file that was created in an application you don't have on your computer.

Click the Create PDF task button to display the menu options and then click From Multiple Files to open the Create PDF File from Multiple Documents dialog (Figure 32a).

Figure 32a. Use the Create PDF from Multiple Documents dialog to assemble a group of files.

Click Browse to open an Open dialog box, locate the first file you want to add to the collection, and click Add. The browse window closes and Acrobat adds the file. Repeat the selection process until you have assembled all the files you want in the binder list. You can also include the same file more than once in a binder.

To reorganize the files you add in the dialog, click a file in the Files to Combine pane and then click the named buttons to move a file up or down in the stacking order, or delete it from the collection.

If you are including PDF files in the binder, when you click the name of a PDF file in the Files to Combine pane, click Preview to open a previewing dialog (Figure 32b). In a multipage PDF, click the up and down arrows to preview the pages, or type a number in the Page field to display its preview. Click OK to close the Preview dialog.

Figure 32b. You can preview PDF files that you add to the binder list.

When your files are assembled to your satisfaction, click OK. The window closes and the content is processed as required, and then combined into one PDF document. Each file is processed separately, and any files in the list that are not PDFs are converted to PDFs. When the conversion is complete, a Save As dialog opens, and the file is named Binder1.pdf by default. Type a filename, choose a location, and then click Save. Your composite file is complete.

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