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Chapter SEVENTEEN. Becoming an Acrobat P... > TIP 139: Creating Editable Text from...

TIP 139: Creating Editable Text from an Image PDF

A scanned or image PDF is only an image of a page, and you can't manipulate its content by extracting images or modifying the text. However, Acrobat can convert the image of the document into actual text or add a text layer to the document using optical character recognition (OCR). Be sure to evaluate the captured document when the OCR process is complete to make sure Acrobat interpreted the content correctly. It is easy to confuse a bitmap that may be the letter I with the number 1, for example.

Ways and Means

You can convert an image to captured text in three ways, and choose from four different image options. The sample document in this tip shows the worst possible outcomes. The text uses a wide range of fonts, some of the text isn't recognized at all, and the background graphic's gradient is strongly banded.

In the Recognize Text - Settings dialog, click the PDF Output Style pull-down menu and choose from three options:

  • Searchable Image (Exact) keeps the foreground of the page intact and places the searchable text behind the image.

  • Searchable Image (Compact) compresses the foreground and places the searchable text behind the image; compressing affects the image quality.

  • Formatted Text & Graphics rebuilds the entire page, converting the content into text, fonts, and graphics.

As well as choosing a conversion, choose an Image Downsampling option. Click the Downsample Image pull-down arrow and choose from four options—anywhere from 600 down to 72 dpi. Downsampling will reduce file size, but can result in unusable images.



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