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Chapter SEVENTEEN. Becoming an Acrobat P... > TIP 135: Using a Batch Sequence

TIP 135: Using a Batch Sequence

Suppose your usual workflow entails adding description details to your documents, then adding a header or footer, adding page numbers, and finally removing the comments before saving a copy of the document. And suppose you have to do this process over and over on a regular basis. Wouldn't it be nice to click a couple of buttons and have Acrobat do the work for you? Acrobat 7 Professional lets you take the ho-hum out of performing many repetitious tasks by using batch sequences.

A Batch for Every Reason

Acrobat includes several default batch processes, and offers a wide range of options for writing custom batch sequences. Are there times when you would like to perform any of these actions on a number of files? Instead of repeating the same actions over and over, consider building a custom batch sequence that allows you to:

  • Delete or summarize comments

  • Check for Accessibility status or make the document's content accessible

  • Add elements like headers and footers, watermarks, and backgrounds

  • Add descriptions to documents

  • Export images in a wide range of formats

  • Define how a document opens, and how its thumbnails are used

  • Print

  • Add or change security settings

  • Add printer marks; manipulate pages (such as cropping, numbering, rotating, adding transitions)

  • Run a Preflight check

  • Run a JavaScript



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