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Chapter 1. Introduction > Introduction to PDF 1.5 Features

1.3. Introduction to PDF 1.5 Features

Several features were introduced or modified in PDF 1.5 and were described in the previous edition of this reference. Because that document was not published professionally and was available only on the Web, the list of significant changes is repeated here for convenience:

  • The ability to display images using JPEG2000 compression (Section 3.3.8, “JPXDecode Filter”) and to allow 16-bit images (Section 4.8.4, “Image Dictionaries”).

  • Additional options for the encryption of documents (Section 3.5, “Encryption”). Major new features include crypt filters (Section 3.3.9, “Crypt Filter” and “Section 3.5.4, “Crypt Filters”) and syntax for public-key security handlers (Section 3.5.3, “Public-Key Security Handlers”, which contains information introduced in PDF 1.3 but not previously documented in the PDF Reference).

  • An extension to the use of streams to allow greater compression of PDF files (Section 3.4.6, “Object Streams” and Section 3.4.7, “Cross-Reference Streams”).

  • The ability to selectively view or hide content in a PDF document (Section 4.10, “Optional Content” and “Set-OCG-State Actions” on page 629).

  • New predefined CMaps and character collections (“Predefined CMaps” on page 412).

  • Enhancements to interactive presentations (Section 8.3.3, “Presentations”), including navigation between pages (“Sub-page Navigation” on page 566) and a new action type (“Transition Actions” on page 632).

  • Additional annotation types (Section 8.4.5, “Annotation Types”) and other enhancements to annotations (Section 8.4, “Annotations”).

  • Miscellaneous enhancements to interactive forms (Section 8.6, “Interactive Forms”), including support for forms based on Adobe's XML Forms Architecture (Section 8.6.7, “XFA Forms”) and the ability to use styled text in form fields and markup annotations (“Rich Text Strings” on page 642).

  • Enhancements related to digital signatures and signature fields, including the ability to compute object signatures (“Signature Fields” on page 658, Section 8.7, “Digital Signatures,” and Appendix I, “Computation of Object Digests”).

  • Greatly enhanced support for embedding and playback of multimedia (Section 9.1, “Multimedia”, “Screen Annotations” on page 602 and “Rendition Actions” on page 630).

  • The ability to allow the display of a PDF file as a slideshow (Section 9.4, “Alternate Presentations”). (This feature is considered part of PDF 1.4, although it was not previously documented.)

  • Enhancements to Tagged PDF (Section 10.7, “Tagged PDF”) and accessibility features (Section 10.8, “Accessibility Support”). Related updated information is found in Section 5.7, “Font Descriptors” and Section 5.9, “Extraction of Text Content.”



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