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Chapter 5. Using .Mac Sync > Resetting Sync Data

Resetting Sync Data

You can reset the .Mac sync data whenever you have an Internet connection, so that the data on your Mac matches the information in your .Mac account, or vice versa—useful if you don't want to keep the changes that were made with your last sync.

To reset your sync data

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

The System Preferences application launches, and the main System Preferences window opens.

Click the .Mac icon.

The .Mac pane opens, with the Account tab selected.

Click the Advanced tab.

The .Mac Advanced preferences load, showing all computers registered to be synchronized with your .Mac account.

Click the Reset Sync Data button (Figure 5.18).

Figure 5.18. The Reset Sync Data button allows you to “take back” the last synchronization you've done, by replacing the synchronized data with a copy.

A sheet slides down, asking for specifics on which information to reset, and what to use as the replacement source, indicated by two arrows (Figure 5.19).

Figure 5.19. When the Reset Sync Data button is clicked, a sheet slides down presenting you with some options on what data to replace and where. Choose what data to replace from the pop-up menu, and click either the left or right arrow underneath to choose where the data is replaced.

From the Replace pop-up menu at the top of the sheet, choose one of the following to reset (Figure 5.20):

  • All Sync Info— This replaces all information.

  • Bookmarks— This replaces just your Safari bookmarks.

  • Calendars— This replaces just your calendar information.

  • Contacts— This replaces just your contact information.

  • Keychains— This replaces just your keychain information.

  • Mail Accounts— This replaces just your Mail account information.

  • Mail Rules, Signatures, and Smart Mailboxes— This replaces just the Mail rules, signatures, and any Smart Mailboxes (mailboxes created using a Spotlight search) you've created.

Figure 5.20. The Replace pop-up menu allows you to choose which data you want to replace—including replacing all data.

Click one of the arrow buttons to choose whether information is replaced on the computer or on the .Mac account (Figure 5.21).

Figure 5.21. Click the arrow to indicate which source to use as replacement data, and then click the Replace button to start the synchronization.

Clicking the left arrow replaces information on the computer with information from the .Mac account. Clicking the right arrow replaces information on the .Mac account with information from the computer.

Click Replace.

The information is replaced as specified during the next synchronization.



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