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Chapter 7. Using .Mac Bookmarks > Adding a Bookmark Folder

Adding a Bookmark Folder

Although you can't use the .Mac Web site to do full bookmark management—that is, you can't rename, move, or copy bookmarks or folders using it—you can perform some rudimentary organization by creating folders for bookmarks.

To add a .Mac Bookmarks folder

Open your .Mac Bookmarks window.

At the bottom of the window, click the Add Folder button (Figure 7.15). The Add Folder button looks like a file folder with a plus (+) sign on it.

Figure 7.15. The Add Folder button, at the bottom of the window, lets you quickly add a folder for new bookmarks.

The bottom portion of the window expands to show the Add Folder options (Figure 7.16).

Figure 7.16. When you click the Add Folder button, a field and a pop-up menu appear, allowing you to enter a name and choose a location for your new folder.

In the Add Folder options, do the following (Figure 7.17):

  • In the Folder Name field, type in a short descriptive name for the new folder.

  • From the Add Folder To pop-up menu, choose the collection (or folder within a collection) to which you want to add the folder.

Figure 7.17. After you've filled in the relevant information for your new bookmark, click Add to create it.

Click Add.

The .Mac Bookmarks window reloads, complete with the new folder; you may have to open a collection or folders within a collection to see your new creation, depending on where you created it (Figure 7.18).

Figure 7.18. Your new folder appears in the appropriate collection, ready for your use.



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