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Chapter 6. Using Address Book > Adding Contacts to Address Book

Adding Contacts to Address Book

.Mac does a fabulous job of pulling updated information from your local Address Book application that comes with Mac OS X through .Mac Sync (as described in Chapter 5). It's not the only way to add contact information to your .Mac account, though. You can also add contacts using your Web browser.

To add a contact using a Web browser

Log in to your .Mac Address Book.

The main .Mac Address Book page opens (Figure 6.4).

Figure 6.4. The .Mac Web Address Book also lists contacts in groups of ten, and it provides a toolbar with some common commands for your use.

In the toolbar at the top of the page, click the New button.

The new-contact page opens (Figure 6.5).

Figure 6.5. When you click the New button in the toolbar, the new-contact page opens. On it, you can enter as much contact information as you like.

In the fields on the new-contact page, enter as much of the following information as you like:

  • Personal information, such as first name, last name, title, and company

  • Physical addresses for work and home

  • E-mail addresses for work and home

  • AIM account information for work and home

  • Telephone numbers for work, home, mobile phone, and fax

  • URL for the contact's homepage

Click Save (Figure 6.6).

Figure 6.6. After you've entered the contact information, click Save.

You are returned to the main .Mac Address Book page. The new contact shows in the contact list (Figure 6.7). The next time you sync your Mac, the new contact information will also be downloaded to your computer's Mac OS X Address Book application. If you add a contact and immediately synchronize, however, you may not see the changes right away. Wait a few minutes and try synchronizing again.

Figure 6.7. The new contact appears in your .Mac Address Book in your .Mac account.



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