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Font Formatting

Font formatting, which is sometimes referred to as character formatting, can be applied to individual characters of text. Word offers a wide variety of options.

  • Font (Figure 3) is the typeface used to display characters.

    Figure 3. Some font examples using some of the fonts installed on my system. Your system’s fonts may differ.

  • Font style (Figure 4) is the appearance of font characters: regular, italic, bold, or bold italic.

    Figure 4. The font styles offered by Word.

  • Size (Figure 5) is the size of characters, expressed in points.

    Figure 5. Examples of font sizes. This illustration is not at actual size.

  • Font color is the color applied to text characters.

  • Underline style (Figure 6) options allow you to apply a variety of underlines beneath characters.

    Figure 6. Examples of underlines offered by Word.

  • Underline color is the color of the applied underline.

  • Effects (Figure 7) are special effects that change the appearance of characters. Options include strikethrough, double strikethrough, superscript, subscript, shadow, outline, emboss, engrave, small caps, all caps, or hidden.

    Figure 7. Examples of effects.

  • Scale (Figure 8) determines the horizontal size of font characters. Scale is specified as a percentage of normal character width.

    Figure 8. Examples of various scale settings.

  • Spacing (Figure 9) determines the amount of space between each character of text. Spacing can be normal or can be expanded or condensed by the number of points you specify.

    Figure 9. Examples of various spacing settings.

  • Position (Figure 10) determines whether text appears above or below the baseline. Position can be normal or can be raised or lowered by the number of points you specify.

    Figure 10. Examples of various position settings.

  • Kerning (Figure 11) determines how certain combinations of letters “fit” together.

    Figure 11. Example of text with kerning turned off (top) and turned on (bottom). Note the way the lowercase e and a tuck under the uppercase W and T.

  • Animations are special animated effects that alter the appearance of font characters when viewed onscreen.



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