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12.12. How Do I Set Up an Account to Read Newsgroups?

Before you can select a newsgroup to read, you need to create a news account that tells Outlook Express such information as the name of the news server from which to retrieve the list of newsgroups and the authentication information necessary to log on to that news server.

From the Tools menu, select the Accounts option.

When the Internet Accounts dialog box is displayed, select the News tab.

Now click the Add button on the right side of the dialog box and, when the menu pops down, select the News option.

The first thing you're asked for is your name. This is the name that will be displayed alongside any message you post on the newsgroups, so it can be your actual name or any moniker that you want to be known as. Type in the desired name and click the Next button.

Now type in your e-mail address. This is the address that will be used when others choose to reply directly to you (as opposed to the group). Many people choose not to type in their real address, for fear of people spamming them or otherwise harassing them. For more information on that, see FAQs 12.47 and 12.48. Type in the desired e-mail address and click the Next button.

Type in the name of your news (NNTP) server and specify whether your server requires you to log on. For example, if you are using the Microsoft news server, this value would be news.microsoft.com. If you're using Comcast, it would be netnews.comcast.net. You'll need to verify with the company providing the news server if you're not sure what to enter here. Click the Next button when done.

Click the Finish button to create the account. You are returned to the Internet Accounts dialog box, where you'll see the newly added news account in the list of the News tab. You can now either close the dialog box or continue working with your news accounts.

When you click the Close button to exit the dialog box, you are asked if you want to download the newsgroup list from the server. Clicking Yes enables you to view all the newsgroups that are available to you from this account's news server.



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