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Chapter 7. Journals > Viewing and Printing

Viewing and Printing

7.19. What Are the Different Standard Views for Journal Entries?

You can locate the standard (Outlook-provided) views for journal entries by navigating to the Journal Pane (either from the Navigation Pane or via the Go menu). There you'll see the following defined views:

  • By Type— This view (shown in Figure 7-8) shows the entries on a timeline where the entries are grouped by journal entry type (such as e-mail, note, and Office document type).

    Figure 7-8. The By Type view enables you to see the journal entries as grouped by journal type (such as e-mail, phone call, and office document).

  • By Contact— Also shown on a timeline, this view groups the entries by the associated contact. All Office documents are grouped together with a contact value of (none).

  • By Category— This view is useful only if you're assigning categories to either your Outlook items or the Office documents that are being journaled. To learn more about categories, refer to the Categories chapter.

  • Entry List— The Entry List view lists all entries in a table or grid. This list works identically to the views you're accustomed to seeing when you view your e-mail. For example, you can sort the list by clicking a column heading, you can group by any column by right-clicking a column heading and then selecting the Group By This Field option, and so on. Figure 7-9 shows an entry list view of journal entries in which I've grouped by type. The difference between this view and the By Type view is that here there's a table view instead of the timeline view.

    Figure 7-9. The Entry List view is a quick means of viewing all your journal entries at once. You can then order, group, and filter as you would any pane.

  • Last Seven Days— This view is identical to the Entry List view, except that the only entries shown are those entered into the journal in the previous seven days.

  • Phone Calls— As the name suggests, this view is specifically for journal items consisting of phone calls.



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