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Custom Calendars

5.34. How Do I Create Additional Calendars?

One of the most powerful aspects of the Outlook 2003 calendar feature is that you can create custom calendars for specific tasks. If you use the calendar for many of your events, you'll quickly find that you have a very cluttered and difficult-to-read calendar. As a result, you might find it much easier to create one calendar for your business activities and another for your personal activities. This would be especially important if you're using Microsoft Exchange Server and you need to share the business calendar without letting others see your personal calendar. Here's how to create additional calendars:

While in the Calendar view, right-click under the My Calendars area of the Navigation Pane.

When the context menu displays, select the New Folder option.

When the Create New Folder dialog box appears, you'll see that the Folder contains drop-down list has been defaulted to Calendar Items (see Figure 5-22). Type the name of the calendar, such as Personal or Kids, and click the OK button.

Figure 5-22. Outlook enables you to create custom calendars to keep unrelated appointments, meetings, and tasks separated.

The newly created calendar appears in your My Calendars list of the Navigation Pane. To display it, click the option to the left of the calendar's name. You'll see that you can select which calendar to view or you can view more than one side by side.



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