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Chapter 9. Reviewing > Exporting and Importing Comments

Exporting and Importing Comments

Whether or not you're directly participating in a review, you can import others' comments into your PDF file and export your own comments from Acrobat and save them as a Form Data Format (FDF) file, which contains only the comments and not the whole file. Although it's possible to open an FDF file with a text editor, it won't be very useful; the best way to apply comments to the document is to have the original or a copy of the PDF file that is being commented on. Import the comments to that original PDF, and the comments will line up in the correct locations. This is especially useful when dealing with a large PDF document with many pages. Exporting the comments will only retain the comments and their locations so that when you import the user's comments, the comments will show up in the Comments pane and in the right locations in the PDF file.

To export comments

In the PDF file with your comments, choose Comments > Export Comments.

You can do this as a reviewer, as an offline reviewer, or as the initiator of the review so that everyone can see your comments.

In the Export Comments dialog box that appears, choose Acrobat FDF Files or Acrobat XFDF Files from the Format menu (Figure 9.25).

Figure 9.25. Choose a format for exporting your comments.

Choose a save location for the exported file on your computer, and enter a name for the file.

Click Save.

This will create the FDF file with only the comments and save it on your computer. You can email your comments to other reviewers, and they'll appear in the same place in the original PDF when they're imported.



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