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Chapter 9. Reviewing > Initiating a Document Review

Initiating a Document Review

Sending PDF files to other people for review is a great way to connect people in different locations who work on the same project. You can either email the PDF to someone or post the PDF to a Web page.

To email a PDF document for review

Open the document you want to send for review.

In the Tasks toolbar, choose Send for Review > Send by Email for Review. If the Tasks toolbar isn't showing, choose View > Toolbars > Tasks.

This brings up a Send by Email for Review wizard (Figure 9.1). The current open file will appear in the Specify a PDF File to Send by Email for Review box.

Figure 9.1. Acrobat uses your default email program to send a PDF for review.

Leave this file, or choose a different one. Click the Next button.

Enter the email address for each individual to whom you want to send the PDF for review (Figure 9.2).

Figure 9.2. Enter recipients' email addresses in the list box.

You can customize the reviewing process by clicking the Customize Review Options button to open the Review Options dialog box (Figure 9.3). The options you can set in this dialog box are Display Drawing Markup Tools for This Review and Also Allow Users of Free Adobe Reader 7.0 to Participate in This Review. Click OK once you've made your choices. You can set different options for each reviewer by entering his or her address and checking the specific options.

Figure 9.3. You can customize the review process by enabling options in this dialog box.

Click the Next button.

The Preview Invitation pane displays the message subject for the email and the message that explains how to perform the reviewing process. You can edit the message or subject as you'd like.

Click the Send Invitation button.

The Outgoing Message Notification dialog box launches, letting you know that the PDF has been sent to your default email application (Figure 9.4).

Figure 9.4. Send the email review.

Your email program will launch (or come to the front if it is already running). The active PDF file is automatically attached to a new email. Click your Send button, or let the file be sent when your email runs its next schedule.



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