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Chapter 16. PDF Files and the Web > Linking a Web Page to a PDF

Linking a Web Page to a PDF

Although you can't actually embed a PDF file in a Web page the way you do a graphic file, you can set a link that readers can click on to display the document.

To link to a PDF

Working in your HTML document, choose a spot for the link.

In your HTML editor, type the following line:

<A HREF="pdfs/MyPage.pdf">Click here to read my PDF</A>pdfs should refer to the folder containing your Acrobat documents, which must reside in the same folder as your HTML file. MyPage.pdf should be the name of your document. “Click here to read my PDF is the text of the link itself.

Distributing Acrobat Reader on the Web

When you purchase Acrobat, you'll also get a CD with Acrobat Reader on it. Acrobat Reader is available for free downloading and distribution. First read Adobe's licensing agreement to ensure that you are distributing Reader properly. You must register with Adobe to be a Reader distributor. Go to www.adobe.com:80/products/acrobat/distribute.html, and read the steps you must take. Fill out the online form at Adobe's Web site at www.adobe.com:80/products/acrobat/acrrdistribute.html. In addition, be sure to get the logos for creating the links from your site to Adobe's site by following the steps outlined by Adobe.

You can also provide a link to the Adobe Acrobat Reader Web page, from which visitors can download the latest version of Reader.

Save the HTML document.

Open the document in a Web browser.

Click the link.

The PDF file displays in your browser window.

Any HTML link to a PDF file will display the PDF file in the browser's window. So, you don't need to manually code your link. Just link to a PDF in an application such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and it will behave exactly like the hand-coded link described above.



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