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Chapter 16. PDF Files and the Web > Reading PDF Pages Online

Reading PDF Pages Online

PDF files can be viewed live on the Internet by a variety of browsers. If the Web server hosting the pages is configured properly, and the PDFs themselves are optimized, the pages are sent one at a time so a reader who wants to view only pages 1, 3, 16, and 243 doesn't have to download the entire 300-page document. Normally, the Acrobat Installer configures your Web browser to read PDFs online, but this section shows you how to set up your browser manually so that you can customize it. These are the options you set in Acrobat Preferences when you choose Internet from the list on the left of the Preferences window:

  • Display PDFin Browser Using will let you view PDFs in your Web browser. If this option isn't checked, your browser will launch Acrobat and display the PDF.

  • Check Browser Settings when Starting Acrobat checks for application compatibility. Some of the less mainstream browser applications, as well as some older browsers, cannot be configured to launch PDF files.

  • Allow Fast Web View will display one page at a time rather than waiting until the whole document is downloaded.

  • Allow Speculative Downloading in the Background tells Acrobat to try to figure out what page you want to view next and download it in the background. This process will stop if you attempt a different function in Acrobat, so you can choose this option without slowing down Acrobat's performance.

  • Connection Speed allows you to specify your Internet connection speed.

  • Network Settings enables you to set up your Internet connection and input information such as your service provider, type of modem, and account information.



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