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Creating Articles

If your document contains stories that appear on different parts of a page or span several pages, as often happens in newspapers and magazines, you can define articles within the document to guide the reader through the story from beginning to end. The Article tool lets you link the various parts of the text so that the reader will be able to follow the flow of the story.

To create an article

Open the document in which you want to create the article.

Click the Article tool in the Advanced Editing toolbar (Figure 6.13).

Figure 6.13. Choose the Article tool in the toolbar.

If the toolbar isn't visible, choose Tools > Advanced Editing > Advanced Editing Toolbar.

Drag the Article tool across the section of text you want to define as the first part of the article.

When you release the mouse button, the text is numbered and surrounded by a box (Figure 6.14). The numbers above the box show you the article's sequence in the document and the section's sequence in the article.

Figure 6.14. The article is indicated by a box with a number above it.

Drag the Article tool to select the next section of text that you want to link to the first one.

The numbering is sequential. For instance, if this section of the article is labeled 1-2, subsequent sections will be labeled 1-3, 1-4, and so on.

Choose View > Navigation tabs > Articles to see the Articles pane and the list of articles.

Double-click an article in the pane to give it a title, subject, author, and keywords in the Article Properties dialog box (Figure 6.15).

Figure 6.15. After you create an article, you can use the Article Properties dialog box to add information about the article.



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