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Chapter 10. Forms > Creating Digital Signature Fields

Creating Digital Signature Fields

You can add a field for users to include a digital signature, which can be a handwritten name, a logo or other graphic symbol, or text. Set up the field as you want it to appear on your form. When users receive the file, they can add a signature after filling out the form. For instance, you might use a digital signature field to let users authorize a purchase. (To find out how to create a digital signature, see Chapter 14.)

To create a digital signature field

In the Advanced Editing toolbar, click on the arrow next to the Button tool and choose the Digital Signature Field tool.


Choose the Digital Signature tool from the Forms toolbar.

If the Forms toolbar isn't on screen, choose Tools > Advanced Editing > Show Forms Toolbar.

Drag to draw a field on the page (Figure 10.25).

Figure 10.25. Drag out the size you want the digital signature field to be.

When the Digital Signature Properties dialog box appears, choose the General tab to name the field, and (if you like) type a brief description in the Tooltip text box.

Click the Appearance tab to change the border color, background color, line thickness, and line style of the field.

You can also change the font, font size, and text color (in this case, the color of the text that shows in the field).

Select the Signed tab. This tab lets you specify what happens after the form is signed. Choose from Nothing Happens when Signed, Mark as Read-Only (choose the fields from a pop-up menu), or This Script Executes when Field is Signed. Click the Close button when you've finished (Figure 10.26).

Figure 10.26. Click the Close button to set the field.

When the people who receive your form use the signature field, Acrobat will ask them to sign the document. It will also ask for a password.



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