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Chapter 10. Forms > Creating Check Box Fields

Creating Check Box Fields

Check boxes can work individually or in sets. Within a set of check boxes, one, none, all, or any combination of the boxes can be checked (activated). Check boxes are flexible and independent. Clicking any check box usually has no effect on any other check box within that set.

To create a check box field

Choose the Check Box tool from the Forms toolbar (Figure 10.22).

Figure 10.22. You'll find the Check Box tool on the Forms toolbar.

Drag to draw the field on the page.

The Check Box Properties dialog box appears.

In the Check Box Properties dialog box, there are only four tabs to choose from: General, Appearance, Options, and Actions.

Choose the General tab and name the field, and (if you like) type a brief description in the Tooltip text box. Choose settings in the Common Properties area, as you did in previous tasks.

Specify settings in the General, Appearance, and Actions panes as in previous tasks.

On the Options tab, choose a style for your check box from the pop-up menu (Figure 10.23).

Figure 10.23. Choose a check box style on the Options tab of the Check Box Properties dialog box.

Enter a value in the Export Value text box.

This text will be the text box's value if you check it. “Yes” is the default setting.

If you'd like the field to be selected by default, click the Check Box Is Checked by Default check box.

Click Close.

Change to the Hand tool to display the check box (Figure 10.24).

Figure 10.24. Use the Hand tool to view your check box.



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