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Chapter 10. Forms > Creating Combo Box Fields

Creating Combo Box Fields

Combo boxes are pop-up menus with editable text boxes attached to them. The pop-up menu allows the PDF author to define the most common or desired choices for the text box, but you can make the field editable to allow the user to enter a choice that you as the author didn't provide.

To define a combo box field

Choose the Combo Box tool from the Forms toolbar.

Drag to draw the field on the page (Figure 10.19), or click to select an existing field.

Figure 10.19. Create a new field or select an existing one.

When the Combo Box Properties dialog box appears, choose the General tab and name the field, and (if you like) type a brief description in the Tooltip text box. Choose any desired settings from the Common Properties area.

Click the Appearance tab, and enter the border color, fill color, line thickness, line style, font, font size, and text color.

Choose the Options tab. In the Item text box, enter an item you want to have included in the combo box, then click the Add button to have it listed (Figure 10.20).

Figure 10.20. Click the Add button to add a new item.

You could use the combo box to show specific items, such as a list of items you want to sell, or use it to give users options for displaying the date (such as mm/dd/yyyy or m/d/y).

Enter an export value if you want, and check any of the other options on the Options tab (choose from Sort Items, Allow User to Enter Custom Text, Check Spelling, or Commit Selected Value Immediately).

An export value is the internal value associated with an item in the menu. As far as Acrobat is concerned, this is the menu item. If you don't supply an export value, then Acrobat will use the item text, the text you entered in step 5, as the export value.

Click the Close button when you've finished.

When you switch to the Hand tool, you'll be able to choose an item from the combo box field's pop-up menu (Figure 10.21).

Figure 10.21. Use the Hand tool to choose an item from the combo box pop-up menu.



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