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Chapter 10. Forms > Setting Advanced Form Options

Setting Advanced Form Options

When you have the basic form elements in place, you can assign to them any number of actions and tasks. You can have your forms not only collect information, but also perform some analysis on that information and send it wherever it's needed. You can use a button field to create a reset form button, which returns all of the fields in the form to their default settings. You can also export form data information into a spreadsheet program.

To create a reset form button

Select the Button tool from the Forms toolbar.

Drag to create a field for the reset form button.

When you release the mouse button, the Button Properties dialog box opens.

In the Button Properties dialog box, choose the General tab to name the field, and (if you like) type a brief description in the Tooltip text box. Click the Appearance tab to change the border color, background color, line thickness, and line style of the button.

Click the Options tab. Choose a button layout and behavior from the pop-up menu (Figure 10.31). Set any of the other options you would like for this button.

Figure 10.31. On the Options tab, choose a button layout and behavior.

Click the Actions tab. Select a trigger (I chose Mouse Up), and choose Reset a Form from the Select Action pop-up menu.

Click the Add button to open the Reset a Form dialog box (Figure 10.32). Choose which fields you want to reset.

Figure 10.32. Use the Add button in the Actions tab to open the Reset a Form dialog box.

You can choose Select All or Deselect All so you can specify only certain fields in your form that will reset.

Click OK to return to the Actions tab of the Button Properties dialog box.

The Reset a Form action shows up in the Actions list box.

Click the Close button.

Choose the Hand tool to view the button (Figure 10.33).

Figure 10.33. The Hand tool lets you view your new button.



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