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Adding Security to a PDF

Adding Security to a PDF

By default, PDF documents are open, meaning that anyone can open the file, make changes, resave it, copy text and images from it, and work with the file as his or her own. You can add security options to a PDF document manually or as part of a batch sequence (see Chapter 15). A PDF file can have two types of password security: one for opening the file, and one for altering or copying its contents.

To add password security to a PDF

Open the document you want to add a password to.

Choose File > Document Properties and click the Security tab in the resulting Document Properti1

Select Password Security from the Security Method pop-up menu (Figure B.1).

Figure B.1. Open the Password Security pop-up menu and choose Password Security.

This launches the Password Security – Settings dialog box (Figure B.2).

Figure B.2. The Password Security – Settings dialog box lets you apply security settings to your PDF.

Select the appropriate setting from the Compatibility pop-up menu.

To activate a password for opening a file, click the Require a Password to Open the Document check box, then enter a password.

If you'd like to enter a password that restricts printing and editing of the document, click the first check box in the Permissions section of the dialog box and enter a password. Then, choose whether to allow printing or changes from the pop-up menus.

I chose to allow low-resolution printing but no editing for this PDF document (Figure B.3).

Figure B.3. Specify whether you want to allow printing or changes to your PDF.

Click the OK button, and the Acrobat Security dialog box opens. You'll need to enter the Document Open Password again to confirm the password. Enter the password, and click OK (Figure B.4).

Figure B.4. Reenter your password.

A warning dialog box appears letting you know that Adobe products enforce restrictions set by the permissions password but that third-party recipients may be able to bypass your restrictions.

Click OK.

Since I set a password for permissions as well, the Adobe Acrobat – Confirm Permissions Password dialog box opens.

Reenter the Permissions Password and click OK.

A warning box comes up (Figure B.5) alerting you that security settings will not be applied until the document has been saved and closed.

Figure B.5. The warning box alerts you that you need to save and close the document.

Click OK.

At this point, the document is locked. The only way to reopen it is to supply the password.



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