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Searching Indexes

After a PDF has been indexed with the Catalog utility, you can look up information in it by using the Search command, which is more powerful and flexible than the Find command. The Find command can do a basic search in your PDF document, but the Search command can do far more in-depth and advanced work. You can search the contents of form fields; search for words that are related to, or sound like, the words in the Search box; or construct searches with Boolean operators (which let you search for exact words and alternate words, or exclude words). I'll cover some basic searches to get you started. To learn about more complex searches, consult the Acrobat documentation.

To perform a search

Choose Edit > Search (Ctrl+Shift+F/Command+Shift+F) or click the Search button in the File toolbar (Figure 12.8).

Figure 12.8. Use Search to find specific contents in your PDF document.

The Search PDF dialog box appears (Figure 12.9).

Figure 12.9. Enter search words or phrases in the Search PDF dialog box.

Type the word or words that you want to search for in the text box at the top of the dialog box.

Click the check boxes to set search options, such as Whole Words Only.

Click the Use Advanced Search Options link at the bottom of the dialog box.

New options, including the Look In drop-down menu, will appear at the top of the dialog.

In the Look In drop-down menu, select Select Indexes.

Acrobat will display the Index Selection dialog box.

Click the Add button to add an index to the list of indexes to be searched. Acrobat will present you with a dialog box where you can navigate to the index file you want to add to the list and click Open.

Click the OK button to dismiss the dialog box. Note that the Look In menu will now read Currently Selected Indexes.

Click the Search button to start the search.

When the search is finished, the Results area of the Search PDF dialog box appears and displays all the documents that contain matches for the search criteria (Figure 12.10). If you want to do another search, click the New Search button.

Figure 12.10. The results of the search are shown in the Results list box.

Select the document you want to view and double-click it to open it.

The document will automatically jump to the page with the search results highlighted.



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