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Chapter 8. Advanced Commenting > Working with the Measuring Tools

Working with the Measuring Tools

The measuring tools in Acrobat let you measure distances and areas of objects in a PDF document. You can measure the height, width, and area of any object in your PDF. For example, you can measure the sizes of objects in a PDF that was created from a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing.

To measure the area of an object

Open the Measuring toolbar by choosing View > Toolbars > Measuring.

Choose the Area tool (Figure 8.22).

Figure 8.22. Use the Area tool to measure the area of an object.

This launches the Area tool dialog box. The other tools in the Measuring toolbar are the Distance and the Perimeter tools.

Click (but don't drag) on all corners of the object you want to measure (Figure 8.23).

Figure 8.23. Click on the corners of the object to measure the area.

In the Area Tool dialog box, the distance, area, and angle of the object you measured are displayed (Figure 8.24). Also shown is the scale ratio of the image. In this image, the scale ratio is 1 inch to 1 inch. You can check the Measurement Markup box and add an annotation to the image you measured. For example, you could add the date the image was taken or the location of the image on your computer. The Options pull-down menu at the top right of the dialog box includes an option that lets you export the measurements into an Excel file.

Figure 8.24. The Area Tool dialog box shows you the measurements of your object.



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