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Chapter 8. Advanced Commenting > Editing with the Drawing Markups Tools

Editing with the Drawing Markups Tools

Use the drawing tools as you would use a pencil or pen to mark up a PDF page and to show the areas you want to edit. The drawing tools let you draw specific shapes around sections of text, point to areas in a PDF, and explain comments in a PDF.

  • The Callout tool creates a note with an arrow to point to a specific area in your document (Figure 8.1).

    Figure 8.1. The Callout tool makes a note with a pointing arrow.

  • The Cloud tool works just like the polygon tool in how it draws a shape. When the shape is completed, it looks like a cloud (Figure 8.2).

    Figure 8.2. The Cloud tool lets you draw cloud-like shapes around areas of your PDF.

  • The drawing tools in the Drawing Markups toolbar let you use graphic objects as comments. You can create arrows, rectangles, ovals, lines, polygons, and polygon lines to illustrate your point (Figure 8.3). Use the Pencil tool to draw a free-form shape and the Pencil Eraser tool to erase any parts of your Pencil-drawn line.

    Figure 8.3. Use the Drawing tools to make a visual point.

  • The Dimensioning tool draws dimension lines at points you select (Figure 8.4).

    Figure 8.4. The Dimensioning tool lets you create dimension lines.

  • Text Box comments is not in the Drawing Markups toolbar, but is so closely related to the functions in that toolbar that it warrants including in this list. Text Box comments is in the Advanced Commenting toolbar and it allows you to add text in a box to the document, like putting a sticky note right on the document. It doesn't collapse like a note does, and you can jazz up the box the note is in. You can access the properties of the text box to change the font, box color, and other options. For more on using the Text Box tool, see Chapter 7.



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