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Creating Buttons

Buttons are important elements of any multimedia display. The user clicks a button to trigger any number of actions—playing a movie, going to a certain PDF document page, opening a file in another application, playing a sound, or linking to a Web page. Any element can be used as a button. Acrobat's Link tool makes the process relatively effortless.

To turn an existing element into a button

Open a PDF file that contains words or graphics that you want to turn into a button.

Choose the Link tool from the Advanced Editing toolbar (Figure 11.1).

Figure 11.1. You'll find the Link tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar.

Drag a rectangle around the object you want to use as a button.

When you release the mouse button, the Create Link dialog box appears (Figure 11.2).

Figure 11.2. After you draw with the Link tool, the Create Link dialog box appears.

Choose a link type.

I chose Visible Rectangle from the Link Type pop-up menu.

Choose a highlight style.

I chose Invert from the Highlight Style pop-up menu.

Choose the type of action you'd like the button to perform from the Link Action area.

For this example, I've chosen the Go to a Page View link action, which lets you choose a specific page to link to the button. You'll learn more about actions later in this chapter. For information on adding an action to a form field, see Chapter 10, “Forms.”

Click the Next button.

This launches the Create Go to View dialog box (Figure 11.3). Use the scroll bars (to move down or up a page), the Pages pane (to jump to a different page), and the magnification tools (to zoom in or out on a page) to make the page look the way you want. When finished, click the Set Link button to complete the link action. To activate the link, use the Hand tool and click on the button.

Figure 11.3. The Create Go to View dialog box opens.



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