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Chapter 7. Adding Comments > Using Audio Attachments

Using Audio Attachments

To add spoken commentary (or a musical interlude, if the document calls for it) to a PDF document, use an audio attachment. If your computer has a microphone or you have sounds on your system already, you can easily add sound to a PDF.

To attach a sound file to a document

Choose Record Audio Comment from the Commenting toolbar (Figure 7.32).

Figure 7.32. Choose the Record Audio Comment tool from the pop-up menu under the File Attachment tool in the Commenting toolbar.

Choose the spot where the sound attachment will go by clicking the document page.

The Record Sound dialog box appears (Figure 7.33).

Figure 7.33. Choose or record a sound in the Record Sound dialog box.

Click the Choose button to bring up the Select Sound File dialog box and access the sounds on your computer.

Navigate to the sound that you want to use and click the Select button (Figure 7.34).

Figure 7.34. Choose a sound on your system.

You can choose from WAV and AIFF sound attachments.

To hear the sound, click the Play button, then click the OK button.

The Sound Attachment Properties dialog box opens automatically, in case you want to make any changes (Figure 7.35).

Figure 7.35. Use the Sound Attachment Properties dialog box to make any changes.

Click the Close button to dismiss this dialog box.

An icon appears on the page where your attachment was placed (Figure 7.36).

Figure 7.36. An icon appears where you attached your sound.

Double-click the sound attachment icon to play the sound.



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