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Chapter 7. Adding Comments > Creating and Editing Notes

Creating and Editing Notes

Notes are the most basic and common form of comments. Think of them as notes that you can stick onto your documents. You can use notes to keep track of changes or to indicate changes you'd like to see in the text without actually making them. Because you can choose (in the Print dialog box) to have notes hidden in the printed document, you can also use them to add information that's hidden from the public.

To create a note

With a document open, choose the Note tool (Figure 7.10) from the Com-menting toolbar.

Figure 7.10. Choose the Note tool from the Commenting toolbar.

Place the note by clicking the document page where you want the note icon to be shown.

A note appears in the default size, with the name of the note's author and the date and time at the top (Figure 7.11).

Figure 7.11. A note of default size is created when you just click.

If you'd like to change the size of the note box, click the lower-right corner with the Hand tool and drag to the desired size (Figure 7.12).

Figure 7.12. Click and drag to create a note any size you'd like.

Type your note in the box.

Click the close box in the top-right corner of the note to close the note when you've finished entering text (Figure 7.13).

Figure 7.13. Close the note by clicking in the box in the note's upper-right corner.

A note icon remains in the document at the spot you clicked to create the note (Figure 7.14).

Figure 7.14. The note icon remains visible in the document.



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