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Chapter 2. Acrobat In Depth > Selecting Text

Selecting Text

Suppose you receive a PDF with wonderful content that you'd like to reuse in some other application. Depending on the security options the document's author has set, Acrobat may let you copy text or images, edit an image in the program it was created in, or order prints of the images (once you've gotten permission from the document's creator, of course). However, before you can do anything with text or graphics in a PDF document, you first need to know how to select them. Acrobat offers two tools for selecting text and one for selecting images.

To select text using the Select tool

Choose the Select tool in the Basic toolbar (Figure 2.10).

Figure 2.10. Click the Select tool in the Basic toolbar.

Click and drag over the text you want to select (Figure 2.11).

Figure 2.11. Drag the Select tool across the text you want to select.

Note that the Select tool lets you select entire words, or just parts of words. After you select the text, a pop-up button appears over the selected text.

Place your mouse pointer over the icon and a pop-up menu bar appears giving you options for the selected text (Figure 2.12).

Figure 2.12. To select only a portion of text, press Ctrl/Command while dragging with the Select tool.

The options are Copy to Clipboard, Replace Text (Comment), Highlight Text, Add Note to Text (Comment), Underline Text, Cross Out Text, Copy As Table, Save As Table, and Open Table in Spreadsheet.

Click the option you want.

The pop-up menu disappears and your text is altered according to the option you chose. If you chose an option that requires a Comment, a comment box appears for you to type your message.



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