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Using the How To Area

Using the How To Area

The How To area provides a great way to go through various tasks that Acrobat has to offer. Choose a topic, and this wonderful feature explains step by step how to do it. If the How To pane on the right of the document window is not visible, choose Help > How To > any topic. The pane lists the basic topics: Acrobat Essentials, Create PDF, Comment & Markup, Forms, Secure, Sign, Print Production, and Engineering Tools (Figure A.21).

  • Acrobat Essentials lists topics that cover some of the more important features, such as adding a bookmark, navigation, and organizing (Figure A.22).

    Figure A.22. Acrobat Essentials tackles the crucial tasks.

  • Create PDF brings up a list of subtopics (Figure A.23). The subtopics cover the various ways to create PDFs, including from a file, from a Web site, from a scanned document, and from Microsoft Office, Autodesk's AutoCad, or other applications.

    Figure A.23. One of the main topics is Create PDF.

  • Comment & Markup takes you through the commenting, review, and marking up process (Figure A.24), from setting up a review to editing text and dealing with comments.

    Figure A.24. Learn how to add comments and mark up your PDF.

  • Forms explains how to fill in an interactive form in Acrobat (Figure A.25).

    Figure A.25. Add information in an interactive PDF form.

  • Secure covers how to create a certified document, add a document password, restrict printing or changes to a document, create security policies (so you can reuse the security settings), and create eEnvelopes (an encrypted file attachment for secure file sending) (Figure A.26).

    Figure A.26. Learn how to secure your PDF.

  • Sign explains how to set up a digital ID, create a blank signature field, sign a document, change a signature appearance, share certificate information, get another user's certificate information, and validate signatures.

  • Print Production covers using preflight, previewing color separations, printing color separations, previewing transparency flattening, and creating a PDF/X-compliant file (the standards set for fonts, colors, bounding boxes, etc. that create printing issues).

  • Engineering Tools walks you through using advanced zoom tools, navigating a layered PDF, measuring, using scaling and rulers, viewing split screens, customizing viewing, and viewing object metadata (information on an image that lets you access the image, such as the digital representation, security, and more).



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