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Using the Setup Assistant

Using the Setup Assistant

The Setup Assistant is a wizard that enables you to go through a procedure step by step, making a document accessible for readers. Choose from three options: Set Options for Screen Readers, Set Options for Screen Magnifiers, or Set All Accessibility Options. Alternatively, you can choose the option Use Recommended Settings and Skip the Setup.

To use the Setup Assistant to set all accessibility options

Open the PDF you want to make accessible.

Choose Advanced > Accessibility > Setup Assistant.

The Accessibility Setup Assistant dialog box opens (Figure C.17).

Figure C.17. Use the Setup Assistant to add accessibility to your PDF.

Choose the Set All Accessibility Options radio button; then click the Next button.

In Screen 2 of 5, set the contrast colors, text smoothing, default display zoom, and the keyboard selection cursor; then click the Next button (Figure C.18).

Figure C.18. Set the visual display of the PDF in this screen.

In Screen 3 of 5, set the reading order, overrides, and confirmation of tags; then click the Next button.

In Screen 4 of 5, set the accessing of pages and the maximum number of pages. Click the Next button.

In Screen 5 of 5, set the autosave, reopen, and display options. Then click the Done button to finish the process of making your PDF accessible.

The PDF is displayed with your chosen accessibility features (Figure C.19).

Figure C.19. The altered PDF will display your changes to make it more accessible.



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