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Creating an Accessibility Report

Creating an Accessibility Report

To view an actual report of any accessibility problems, you'll need to run a Full Check on your PDF document. The report will help you avoid the same problems when you create other PDF documents for accessibility. The report will show you what the problems are and how to fix them for this document as well as others.

To create an accessibility report

Open the PDF you want to make accessible.

Choose Advanced > Accessibility > Full Check (Figure C.11).

Figure C.11. Run a Full Check on your PDF to create an accessibility report.

The Accessibility Full Check dialog box opens.

In the Accessibility Full Check dialog box, check the Create Accessibility Report box and then click the Browse button to find a location on your hard drive to save the report (Figure C.12). Include any other options you want for running Full Check, such as the page range, text language, form field descriptions, and more.

Figure C.12. Click Browse to choose a location on your computer to save your report.

Click the Start Checking button to start the process.

A warning dialog box will list the problems with the PDF file (Figure C.13). Click OK and the Accessibility Report will launch (Figure C.14). If you want to view the report at any time, choose Advanced > Accessibility > Open Accessibility Report. Locate the report, which will be stored where you specified in step 3.

Figure C.13. A warning box displays problems with the file.

Figure C.14. Acrobat displays this report to help you identify and repair accessibility errors.



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