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Setting Reading Options

Setting Reading Options

Choose from a variety of voices under the Reading preferences. To access the Reading preferences, open the Preferences dialog box, then choose Reading from the list of topics on the left. Choose a voice, pitch, and words per minute. You can also set the reading order and screen reader options.

To set the Reading options

Choose File/Acrobat > Preferences.

Choose Reading from the list on the left.

This displays the default reading preference settings (Figure C.3).

Figure C.3. Set the Reading preferences for Acrobat.

Set the desired volume level.

Choose a voice.

On Windows you have only the default voice. The Macintosh lets you choose from among a variety of voices. Keep in mind that some voices sound better than others. You can set the pitch and words per minute on both Mac and Windows.

Choose a reading order from the pop-up menu (Figure C.4):

  • Infer Reading Order from Document is generally the best method for reading a document. This option reads in the order that the document is tagged. If the document isn't tagged, it will use the most logical reading order.

  • Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom Reading Order will read the PDF strictly from left to right and top to bottom, regardless of how the document was created.

  • Use Reading Order in Raw Print Stream reads the words in the order they were recorded.

Figure C.4. Choose a reading order for your PDF document.

Click OK.

Some of the other options you can set are the Screen Reader Options. In this section you can set the Page vs. Document pop-up menu to read only the currently visible pages or to read the entire document.

You can also set the volume, voice, pitch, and words read per minute. If you are reading a form, check the Read Form Fields box so that Acrobat will read all of the form fields as well.



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